Policies & Procedures


Dogs are not permitted on the course or in the clubhouse at any time (whether on leash or not); this excludes assistance dogs.
(Updated Mar 2020)


Golfers’ General Responsibilities

The Golf Course, Clubhouse and driving range are subject to normal dress regulations.
It is expected that members and guests will maintain a well groomed appearance whilst utilising these facilities.


  • Tailored shorts may be worn by men or ladies.
  • Men’s shorts must be above the knee or 3 Qtr’s.
  • Men with shorts must wear either white socks or anklet socks are acceptable.
  • Men’s shirts must be worn tucked in.
  • Golf shoes with soft spikes must be worn on the course and practice areas.


  • Football or sporting type shorts.
  • Tops displaying large motifs or advertising.
  • Shirts without collars (an exception applies to women’s attire and shirts that are specifically designed for golf).
  • Track suit pants/tops.
  • Running shoes, thongs, sandals, or bare feet.
  • Metal spikes are not permitted.
Please note: Members are responsible for the attire of their guests at all times.
Guests must be informed of dress requirements in advance to avoid embarrassment.


When a new member is introduced and elected to the category of Ordinary membership (i.e. Every Day playing rights) the Proposer member will receive a $50 account credit upon the first renewal of Ordinary membership.Conditions:

  • new member must have never been a member of BGC previously.
  • Proposer member excludes staff or Directors at time of proposing or election.
(Effective 17 Mar 2020)


Acting within the guidelines of the Victorian Golf Association’s Heat Policy, which was prepared utilising information issued by Sports Medicine Australia, the Bendigo Golf Club has the following heat policy for scheduled Club Competitions. This decision has been made to reduce the risk of heat related injury and illness to players involved in Bendigo Golf Club events.
  1. Should the forecast temperature for Bendigo at 4.00pm on the day prior to a scheduled Bendigo Golf Club event be 38 degrees or above, the event for that day will be restricted to a morning competition only.
  2. The assessment of extreme hot weather (i.e. 38 degrees or above) will be undertaken by the Bendigo Golf Club Match Committee or representatives thereof with reference to the forecast temperature contained on the Bureau of Meteorology Website (www.bom.gov.au).
  3. Players, who have entered their names on the relevant time sheet for an afternoon hit off, should check with the Pro Shop to arrange a new time slot if weather forecasts indicate the possibility of extreme heat conditions. Players may check with the Club if they need further information or assistance in this matter.
  4. On competition days, where the forecast temperature is 38 degrees or more, no time slots will be scheduled after 9.30am.


Link: Member’s Cart Usage Policy (Jan 2021)


A ‘pending membership’ approval, prior to Board approval is when:
    • the submitted Application form is accompanied with full payment or interim payment details completed
    • new member has full playing rights at that point


  • Pending Membership players are unable to compete in Gold letter events and Monthly Medal until the full approval process has been completed – mid week Monthly Medal is not excluded

Should the Board refuse the nomination then a full refund will occur.

(Approved 17 Mar 2020, Updated 21 April 2020)


Smoking is not permitted in the Clubhouse or on the Deck.
Smoking on the course is permitted, but smokers are asked to dispose of cigarette butts into the rubbish bins provided.